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Sustainable Future for Tamil Nadu

As the world strives for a cleaner future, Tamil Nadu is taking a pioneering role in promoting electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable alternative.  In support of this vision, EV Charge Partners is proud to announce the strategic expansion of its charging network across the state with the launch of four brand-new stations.  This expansion directly benefits both environmentally conscious drivers and the state of Tamil Nadu as a whole.

Charge Up on Delicious Biryani in Salem:

Our first stop is Omalur-RR Biriyani in Salem. Enjoy a delicious meal while your EV gets a quick boost with our ADOR 60 KW DUAL GUN charger.  Located conveniently on Service Rd, Kottagoundampatti, Salem, Tamil Nadu (636011), this station is the perfect pitstop for hungry travellers.

Sweet Treats and Speedy Charging at Attur-Winner Bakery:

Next, we head to Attur for a sweet and sustainable stop at Winner Bakery.  This location boasts an ADOR 60 KW DUAL GUN charger and is situated right on the Salem-Ulundurpet highway, Salem, Tamil Nadu (636121). Grab a tasty treat and get back on the road in no time.

Thanjavur Gets Charged Up with Omega Cars Care & Tyres:

Heading south, we arrive at Omega Cars Care & Tyres in Thanjavur.  This station is not only a great place to get your car serviced but also to charge your EV. Located conveniently near the Maruthi showroom, near Mathakottai flyover, Trichy-Nagai bypass, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu (613005), our ADOR 60 KW DUAL GUN charger keeps you moving.

Revitalise Your EV at Tirunelveli’s St Antony Residency:

Finally, we reach Tirunelveli and the St Antony Residency. This luxurious staycation destination now offers EV charging as well!  Located at Plot No 3, Sipcot Industrial Growth Canter, Gangaikondan, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu (627352), you can relax and unwind while your EV gets a full charge with our ADOR 60 KW DUAL GUN charger.

This not only enhances the overall EV ownership experience but also encourages more individuals to embrace electric mobility, contributing to a significant reduction in emissions and a cleaner environment for all residents of Tamil Nadu.

The strategically chosen locations of these new stations further amplify the benefits.  Situated near popular restaurants, bakeries, and service centres, they allow drivers to seamlessly integrate charging into their existing routines. This not only saves time but also makes EV ownership a more practical and convenient choice.

EV Charge Partners is committed to working alongside the state of Tamil Nadu to create a sustainable transportation future. The expansion of our charging network is a significant step forward in this journey. We invite all EV owners and those considering the switch to electric to join us in building a cleaner and greener Tamil Nadu.

Visit our website or app to locate the nearest station and experience the future of transportation today!



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