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At EVCP, we’re constantly striving to make your electric vehicle (EV) ownership experience smoother, simpler, and more rewarding. We’re thrilled to announce a major update to our app, packed with features designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your electric journey.

Effortless Payments: Scan and Pay on the Go

Gone are the days of fumbling for cards or remembering passwords. Our redesigned app lets you scan and pay for charging directly from your home screen. It’s as easy as unlocking your phone and hovering it over the charging station’s QR code.

Seamless Charging with RFID Card Management

Say goodbye to bulky keycards! With the updated app, you can conveniently order and link your EVCP RFID cards for a tap-and-charge experience. No more juggling multiple cards – simply manage them all within the app.

Plan Your Perfect Electric Trip

Planning a road trip? Our trip planner is here to help.  Visualize your route, locate charging stations along the way, and estimate charging times. Plus, save your favorite routes for future adventures, ensuring a stress-free electric journey.

EV Garage: Your One-Stop EV Hub

Introducing your personal EV haven within the app – the EV Garage! Store all your electric vehicles in one place for effortless access.  You can also view a comprehensive charger list and connect with other EV owners who drive the same car model. Share tips, troubleshoot issues, and optimize route planning together – the EV community is at your fingertips!

Empower Your Experience: Add Charging Stations Manually

We’re committed to building the most comprehensive charging network possible.  The updated app empowers you to contribute!  If you encounter a charging station not yet listed, you can easily add it directly through the app, ensuring future EV drivers have the information they need.

The EVCP App: Your Key to a Fulfilling Electric Ride

The EVCP app goes beyond just charging your car. It’s your gateway to a world of convenience, connectivity, and a sense of community.  Download the updated app today and experience the future of electric mobility – it’s in your hands!


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