Electrifying your operations


Hassle-free on-demand charging solutions for businesses and communities, providing convenient access to reliable charging infrastructure without upfront investment.


Streamlined management of EV charging stations for optimal performance, seamless experiences, and efficient monitoring and maintenance.

Smart EV
Charging Software

Intelligent software for real-time monitoring, billing, and advanced analytics, maximizing efficiency and sustainability in EV charging  operations.

EV Solutions

End-to-end services for hassle-free implementation of EV charging infrastructure, from design and installation to ongoing support and  maintenance.

Ignite your
electric future

Businesses & Institutions

Unlock the potential of electric mobility with our subscription-based EV charging packages and reduce your upfront costs.

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Travel & Logistics

Optimize operations, reduce fuel costs, and meet the rising demand for electric mobility.

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Become a preferred destination by offering convenient charging facilities, increasing customer dwell time, and fostering repeat business.

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Amplify sustainable transportation options at airports, railway stations, and bus terminals for convenient charging during journeys.

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Individuals & Apartments

Enhance convenience, attract environmentally conscious tenants, and increase property value with residential charging stations.

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Official South Zone Partner of #NHforEV

Operate with electric precision

Charging Expertise

Charging Expertise

Our passionate team of EV enthusiasts ensures a seamless transition to electric vehicles with their technical prowess and expertise.

Proven Partnerships

Proven Partnerships

Ignite progress alongside esteemed clients like Tamilnadu Government, Hotel A2B, Pillar 129, and more, as we build a network of sustainable success.

Spark of Innovation

Spark of Innovation

Illuminate your path to a greener tomorrow with revolutionary end-to-end solutions and cutting-edge technology, driving innovation at every step.

Transform to thrive

Real Stories of Businesses Electrifying Their Success!

Established Tamilnadu’s first solar-powered EV charging station at Hotel Junior Kuppanna, Coimbatore.

Charger Type: 40 KW – DC Fast

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Established Tamilnadu Government’s fully owned and solar-powered EV charging station at DPI Building, TEDA Office, Chennai

Charger Type: 25 KW – DC Fast

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Installed Coimbatore’s first drive-in EV Charging station at Pillar 129 Restaurant

Charger Type: 15 KW – AC Medium

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Set up a solar-powered EV Fast Charging Station at Hotel A2B, Thenillai, Karur

Charger Type: 50 KW – DC Fast

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